how to rank youtube videos on first page of google

How to Rank YouTube Videos on First Page of Google

Are you wondering how to successfully rank your YouTube videos on the first page of Google? You might be thinking that it’s next to impossible to get your video ranking on the first page at the moment. But after reading this article I am more than positive that you will think otherwise.

With over 7 years of experience in the digital marketing and SEO space. I am more than confident that I can provide you with the right tools and strategies that you need in order to get your video ranking on page one in no time!

The key to successfully ranking a YouTube video on Google for your target keywords:

Your Keywords must be mentioned in your video

Number one is, you need to be sure that your keyword(s) is mentioned in the video so that Google’s voice recognition software can pick up on what your video is about and the keyword that you are targeting.

Mentioning your keyword is especially helpful when it is done in the beginning and the end of the video.

This way Google knows what your video is about and is able to better determine the position of your video on it’s search engine.

Generate traffic for your video

When you get traffic to your video right after you have finished uploading it, the potential for it to rank high in the search engines increases considerably.

Share your video on every social media platform available for maximum results.

Another highly recommended strategy to incorporate to your campaign is to generate views for your videos with an automated platform like Vagex.

Vagex is a Youtube view generating platform that I have used personally since 2011. I have been able to successfully generate hundreds of thousands of real views from this platform for years for my own video SEO.

Insert keywords in the title, description and tags

Make sure that you insert your target keyword first in the title of your video when you upload your video.

You can target a maximum of two keywords per video with your main target keyword being the first one mentioned in your title.

You should sprinkle your target keywords in your description and write as much as you can for your video description.

Writing your description

When writing the description of your video, think of it as a blog post. The more content the merrier and the better results you will get.

For best results use the transcript that you created for your video (if one was created) and paste that content into the description.

Inserting your target keywords and LSI keywords into your tags will help as well.

Doing so for your tags will not only help you with gaining rankings for your target keyword but will also help you gain rankings and visibility for similar terms.

Have users engage with your video

Getting users to not only view but actually engage with your video is another great method that will propel your rankings to the top!

This is actually one of the main rank determining factors for Google.

You can facilitate this by asking viewers to share the video on their social media in your video.

Or you can also go the other route and get the social media shares from an online vendor. Not the best or natural way to go but there is always an alternative readily available 😉

If you need help locating the right vendor, please get in touch and I will direct you towards the best and most trustworthy online vendors for your social media marketing needs.

Embed your video on websites

Embedding your video on websites is another huge benefit that you must take advantage of in order to maximize your results and your chances of beating your top competitors for the best spot on search.

You can embed your video on web 2.0s and blast those 2.0s with links in order to boost the authority of those sites.

Another thing to do is simply reach out to other niche related bloggers and sites to post your video on their website in exchange for a link on your site or something else of value to them.

Pro tip: The quickest and most efficient way for you to benefit from this is to embed your video on already established sites with high domain authority and trust flow.

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