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What Makes Our Irvine SEO Company Better Than the Other Guys?

My name is Dustin and I am the owner of Empyreal Motions. I have over 7 years of experience in the digital marketing and SEO space. I have ran multiple successful campaigns over the years for business owners and entrepreneurs around the world.

The main thing that drives me and gives me the most joy out of what I do is being able to see the success that is produced by the results that I am able to create for my clients.

Our methods have been tried and tested over the years to produce the results desired for your company. We provide you with a unique SEO strategy that is tailored to your company website and brand.

Every SEO campaign that we create is a custom made plan that will propel a website to the top of the search engines for the most profitable keywords in it’s respective industry.

To give you an idea of what our SEO plans consist of:

  • Optimization of your website and pages
  • Google webmaster tools integration
  • Google Analytics integration
  • Social Media integration and optimization
  • Press Releases
  • Social Media Signals
  • Local business citations

Our SEO plans will give your company website the boost that it needs in order to give your business more exposure online and stay above your competitors.

Reverse Engineering the Google Algorithm

Google’s search algorithm is continually updated and improved upon on a regular basis. It is always our goal and priority to stay ahead and prepared for the latest updates that Google throws at us.

Our team has brought fourth some of the most talented SEO’s and marketers from different parts of the world to provide our client’s with an SEO service that will withstand the test of time.

We know what it takes to get your company website on page on of Google for your most profitable and targeted keywords.

Diversifying your online traffic is one of the main factors that will determine your success online. Google wants to see that you are not only relying on their search engine for traffic but that you are also receiving hits from related websites and social media.

Our services account for this by placing your site on related websites within your niche and also making sure that your site receives mentions on news sites as well as social media channels.

How to Get Started?

  1. Keyword Research: We begin by analyzing the types of words and phrases that your potential prospects will be searching for on Google when looking for your type of product or service. After coming up with a list of words, we then further dig deeper to find similar keywords (or what we call LSI keywords) to expand your horizons and increase your search presence even further.
  2. Targeting the Right Keywords: It is imperative that we target the right keywords for your campaign from the beginning so that you generate a great return on your investment. For this reason, we make sure we are targeting the keywords that will yield the highest amount of traffic as well as being low in competition.

How Many Customers can your Business Handle?

It is a question that we often ask our clients due to the effect that our SEO services have on a business. We do want to flood your business with new calls and customers but we of course don’t want to overwhelm you and your staff if you are not ready for the amount of traffic that will come your way.

This is a serious question. We have had a few clients call us and say that they cannot keep up with the amount of calls and prospects that they are receiving as a result of our SEO services.

Something that we love to hear but at the same time worry about hearing. Depending on the tone of the client’s voice.

We can avoid this issue by showing you an estimate of how much traffic you should expect from the SEO service that you have chosen.

How do we do this?

By looking at what your main competitors are currently doing and ranking for, we can have a peak at their actual traffic statistics utilizing our proprietary search engine optimization techniques and tools.

With further use of our spy tools, we can give you a very accurate estimate on what to expect and what to look forward to upon implementation of your SEO plan.

We look for what is currently working for your competitors and not only duplicate that for your website, but improve upon it. Domination in your local area is what we are striving for.

You might wish to re-assess the way that you handle incoming calls and leads through your site. We can help with this part as well.

Increase Exposure While Increasing Reputation

Sites that are found at the top of search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing are there not only because they have a reputable company like Empyreal Motions performing their SEO and digital marketing for them, but because they are trusted by the search engines.

Guaranteed Return on Investment

In any business decision requiring an investment, a return on investment is usually the motivating factor behind that investment.

It is our number one goal to provide you, the client, with a great return on your investment from establishing a business relationship and entrusting us with taking on the task of optimizing your site for the search engines.

We are so positive of the benefits we can create for your company that we guarantee a great ROI from our marketing efforts.

Laser Targeted Marketing

Irvine SEO

Our targeted marketing methods enables your company to target the right market that is interested in your product or service. You’ll receive phone calls and online leads that are actually interested in what you have to offer.

You will occasionally come across a phone call or lead that is not exactly what you were expecting but that is all a part of the online marketing process.

Rest assured that for the most part, you will be receiving the type of calls and leads that you are expecting to receive.

SEO VS. Paid Advertising

Irvine SEO Company

SEO Services are truly the most cost effective marketing solution in comparison to paid advertising.

To get a Google ads campaign up and running, you’ll need to first run a campaign to gather data. Which will cost you at least $500 to $1000.

Then after you have gathered that data, you will need to further optimize your ad copy and internal structure of your ad campaign.

With SEO you simply pay a predetermined monthly fee that doesn’t change regardless of the amount of clicks that your website gets from being on page one for your target keywords.

That is one of the main differences between paying for SEO and paying for Pay per click advertising. And why many companies, especially one’s just starting out; opt for SEO in the beginning.

You will find that there are many Irvine SEO companies offering similar services to ours at around half the price or less. These are more than likely companies or freelancers from over seas.

Taking advice or buying services for your company website from these entities will not only compromise your SEO results but will also compromise your brand and investment.

If you want long term and stable rankings for your business, go with an Irvine SEO company that will show you their past performances and follow through with the type of results that you are seeking to acquire for your business.

SEO results will typically take over 6 months to transpire. Any company promising you results below that time frame should be questionable.

Get in touch with us today for your free SEO consultation!

how to rank youtube videos on first page of google

How to Rank YouTube Videos on First Page of Google

Are you wondering how to successfully rank your YouTube videos on the first page of Google? You might be thinking that it’s next to impossible to get your video ranking on the first page at the moment. But after reading this article I am more than positive that you will think otherwise.

With over 7 years of experience in the digital marketing and SEO space. I am more than confident that I can provide you with the right tools and strategies that you need in order to get your video ranking on page one in no time!

The key to successfully ranking a YouTube video on Google for your target keywords:

Your Keywords must be mentioned in your video

Number one is, you need to be sure that your keyword(s) is mentioned in the video so that Google’s voice recognition software can pick up on what your video is about and the keyword that you are targeting.

Mentioning your keyword is especially helpful when it is done in the beginning and the end of the video.

This way Google knows what your video is about and is able to better determine the position of your video on it’s search engine.

Generate traffic for your video

When you get traffic to your video right after you have finished uploading it, the potential for it to rank high in the search engines increases considerably.

Share your video on every social media platform available for maximum results.

Another highly recommended strategy to incorporate to your campaign is to generate views for your videos with an automated platform like Vagex.

Vagex is a Youtube view generating platform that I have used personally since 2011. I have been able to successfully generate hundreds of thousands of real views from this platform for years for my own video SEO.

Insert keywords in the title, description and tags

Make sure that you insert your target keyword first in the title of your video when you upload your video.

You can target a maximum of two keywords per video with your main target keyword being the first one mentioned in your title.

You should sprinkle your target keywords in your description and write as much as you can for your video description.

Writing your description

When writing the description of your video, think of it as a blog post. The more content the merrier and the better results you will get.

For best results use the transcript that you created for your video (if one was created) and paste that content into the description.

Inserting your target keywords and LSI keywords into your tags will help as well.

Doing so for your tags will not only help you with gaining rankings for your target keyword but will also help you gain rankings and visibility for similar terms.

Have users engage with your video

Getting users to not only view but actually engage with your video is another great method that will propel your rankings to the top!

This is actually one of the main rank determining factors for Google.

You can facilitate this by asking viewers to share the video on their social media in your video.

Or you can also go the other route and get the social media shares from an online vendor. Not the best or natural way to go but there is always an alternative readily available 😉

If you need help locating the right vendor, please get in touch and I will direct you towards the best and most trustworthy online vendors for your social media marketing needs.

Embed your video on websites

Embedding your video on websites is another huge benefit that you must take advantage of in order to maximize your results and your chances of beating your top competitors for the best spot on search.

You can embed your video on web 2.0s and blast those 2.0s with links in order to boost the authority of those sites.

Another thing to do is simply reach out to other niche related bloggers and sites to post your video on their website in exchange for a link on your site or something else of value to them.

Pro tip: The quickest and most efficient way for you to benefit from this is to embed your video on already established sites with high domain authority and trust flow.

How to Make your Website Appear on The First Page of Google

If you own a business, you are probably already investing into your SEO or actively looking for the right SEO agency to work on your SEO for you.

Many business owners sometimes want to do it themselves rather than spend on their digital marketing campaigns.

It’s not that SEO is rocket science and only a genius can learn it and keep up with the many updates that Google continues to dish out almost on a monthly basis.

Many business owners just do not have the time to learn it and especially test results (which would still require not only time to be invested but also money).

Outsource your SEO work to the experts with years in the field of SEO and Digital Marketing instead.

Keyword Research

The key to beginning your SEO campaign on the right foot is to begin by doing the proper keyword research utilizing the proper tools that will help you analyze and pick out the right keywords for your business.

A couple of keyword research tools that come to mind right away are the following:

Keysearch is a great tool that incorporates the use of Google Keyword Planner into their software enabling the user to find higher value keywords with more ease while at the same time evaluating the competition that there is on Google search in relation to those keywords.

After you have chosen your weapon of choice to execute your keywords research with, you begin with brainstorming what your business offers as a product or service and what your target market is looking for on Google when looking for what you have to offer.

After the brainstorming is done and you have an idea of what your target market is searching for on Google; you can then go on to insert the keywords that you have come up with into your keyword tool.

The tool should then return a greater number of keywords related to what your target market is searching for, allowing you to then expand on such keywords and dig even deeper into the world of keyword research.

This allows you to extract some very profitable keywords for your business which you can then target not only for your SEO endeavors but also for many other digital marketing services.

On-Page Optimization

Once your keyword research had been completed, you can then move onto the world of on-page optimization. The foundation for executing a proper SEO campaign.

Make sure that your website is properly integrated with Google Webmaster tools to start.

Write an article that is related to your target keyword along with a properly structured headline for the article with your target keyword included in it. We want to be sure to sprinkle the keyword throughout the article with related keywords as well to maximize results.

We don’t want to overdo this though, as overdoing it would lead to no results and a possible slap from Google for keyword spamming. Try to keep keyword density below 1%.

Adding the right images related to your keyword and article topic are also key in achieving the results that you are looking for in your SEO. Be sure to not only include alt tags but also give the image file a name related to your keyword or with your keyword included in it.

We suggest adding 3 images per every 1000 words.

Structuring Your Pages

Another key component of your SEO campaign will be to implement the proper structure for your site’s pages. You want to be sure to make your main keywords are the main pages of your site and your related keywords will be the inner pages of your site.

This will give your main content more authority and thus yield better rankings on the search engines as a result. These inner pages will be linking back to your main pages.

Off Page SEO

You cannot have a great SEO strategy without backlinks. This is one of the most important ingredients to any SEO campaign. Some would say the most important. In my opinion, in SEO; every facet of a campaign is of equal importance when the ultimate goal is to yield a great ROI.

Analyze your competition that is already ranking well for your target keywords in order to come up with the right strategy for your off page SEO.

By analyzing competitor backlinks with tools like ahrefs and moz, you get a glimpse into not only what the competition is doing but just how they were able to get to the first page as well.

The links that you will want to begin building are the following:

  • Social Media Brand Profiles
  • Social Signals
  • Press Releases
  • Local Business Citations
  • Infographics
  • Guest Posts

These are only a few of the backlinks that are recommended for any new SEO campaign. The more diverse, the merrier.

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Beginner’s Guide to Keyword Research

Keyword Research

This is one of those things that is overlooked by many business owners that don’t know where to start with their online endeavors.

Targeting profitable keywords that will yield a great ROI and search volume which result in click throughs to your site is really the beginning to making your campaign work wonders for your brand.

What I like to do is look at the search results themselves for keyword ideas as well as the auto suggest feature that google has on their search bar.

Let’s say that we are targeting the term “how to lose weight”:

google keywords

Here you can see that Google’s auto suggest feature gives us many related keywords which we can target as well.

When you actually run the search, you can also look at other related keywords shown below the search engine results.

There are also tools like Google’s own keyword planner which I also love to use on occasion.

Google’s keyword planner does however have some restrictions if you have not ran an actual Google ads campaign under your google account.

To get more refined results, you will need to run a Google ads campaign as suggested by Google within your Google ads account.

Otherwise I do suggest that you utilize a keyword tool such as this one in order to gain the results that will really benefit your keyword research efforts.

How to Go from Zero to 100 Visitors Per Day!

When implementing a digital marketing campaign for your site, having the right strategy in place in order to maximize your ROI is essential.

Quality SEO is expensive, but like any wise investment; it is a worth while one in the long run for you and your company.

How to Generate Traffic

One of our biggest client’s came to us asking for one simple thing that I think every business owner wants: RESULTS.

Their current website at the time was not optimized properly for the search engines but they wanted results and they wanted them fast.

Being the SEO experts and daredevils that we are, we took the opportunity to take on the challenge and show what we are all about.

The keywords that the client was targeting were not easy ones by any stretch of the imagination.

In fact they were very in demand keywords that big companies were already ranking for on page one of Google and had already established a strong presence online for.

Turning Obstacles into Opportunities

When we began this campaign, there were a number of things that could have gone better. But we never allow things to stop us from reaching the end goal.

Due to the site’s code not being well designed, we had to work our way around the issues and work our way towards the goal. To get the client’s site ranking as soon as possible.

In SEO like in most things in life, patience is really key.

But we know that as a business owner, you don’t have the patience to wait for the results from the investment that you have made into your marketing efforts.

The Start of the SEO Campaign

As you can see from the image above, the client’s analytics were not very appealing.

They had very few visitors landing on their site and a much less number of leads going through their funnel.

Much of that traffic was also spam traffic that was not being filtered out in their Google Analytics account.

So we first took care of filtering out the unwanted traffic coming from spammy domains.

After doing this, we began the on-page optimization of their website in order to then proceed with the off page optimization that would help them get the results they were anticipating from our SEO service.

What the On-page optimization consisted of:

  1. Proper structuring of content and pages according to their main keywords being targeted for rankings on Google.
  2. Linking and optimizing Google Webmaster tools with website.
  3. Creating a clear and concise sitemap for the search engines and user functionality.
  4. Optimizing images.
  5. Optimizing and cleaning up code to increase site speed and performance.

Implementing off-page optimization

After completing the on-page optimization, the real fun then comes into play. Backlinks!

Backlinks are truly the more fun side of SEO because there are so many ways in which they can be implemented and this is truly where the campaign gets a little more complex.

Sometimes to complex for client’s to even wrap their head around. But we do our best to explain the process in layman’s terms. And here we are going to try and do that for you.

What did our off page SEO consist of?

  1. Local Business citations
  2. Social media channels and signals
  3. Guest posts
  4. Links from sites with high authority and withing the same niche
  5. Premium press releases
  6. Outreach links from authorities in the niche

The Results?

These are the results that we created for our client within a year of providing and executing our SEO services.

And these are the results that we can duplicate over and over again for almost any client in ANY industry.

Get in touch with us today for a free consultation and to get your site ranking to the top of page one of Google for your most prized keywords!

Empyreal Motions Relaunched

I am glad to announce that the new site for Empyreal Motions has finally been launched!

We are launching close to the new year to bring you a more refined SEO service tailored to your needs with a more effective approach.

As our society becomes more digitally advanced, it has become apparent to not only us but the majority of business owners that SEO is something that is now essential to incorporate into a marketing campaign.

Because of this phenomenon, we decided to relaunch and narrow down our services to only cater to those that are in search of quality SEO.

We know that digital marketing is playing a huge role in the success of many companies today and will be well into the future.

We want to be a part of that success and in propelling the world economy towards greater heights.

If you are in search of an SEO service that will deliver results, look no further.

We have been in the industry for over seven years serving many startup companies and even individuals that took their brands to new heights utilizing our SEO services.

Get in touch with us today to schedule your free consultation!

How to Optimize your Anchor Text for SEO

Anchor text is one of those things in SEO that can be quite difficult for anyone to wrap their head around.

Especially when it comes to the nitty gritty in how to properly optimize your anchor text for best results and to avoid over optimization.

Image Source

Ever since Google’s major update to their algorithm known as the Google Penguin update back in 2012, things have changed a lot since then.

The search results fortunately have gotten cleaner and a lot more helpful to users, but on the other hand, getting results with SEO for website owners has been a more difficult task to accomplish.

Top Anchor Text Categories

  • Branded – Your brand name
  • Generic –  ( e.g. click here, go here, click etc.)
  • Website URL – Your website URL
  • Naked URL – Your URL
  • Website Name – your site’s URL with the anchor text written as “” (e.g.
  • Page/Blog post title – a page’s title anchor text with a link on it (e.g. How to Go from Zero to 100 Visitors Per Day!)
  • Exact-match keywords – a targeted keyword with a link on it (e.g. Empyreal Motions)
  • Partial-match keywords – a targeted keyword plus some other text with a link on it (e.g. Beginner tips for entrepreneurs, tips for entrepreneurs guide)
  • LSI Keywords – a keyword anchor text which is related to a targeted keyword (e.g. how to make money online, make money online fast, easy way to make money online)
  • No-text – an image with a link on it.

Best Practices for Optimizing Your Anchor Text

As Google points out in their webmaster guidelines. Every website must have content that is actually offering something of value to the user.

Whether it is the content, the links, or the anchor text.

Try to gather information on your competitor’s backlink profile to have a better understanding of what actual percentages you can use to optimize your anchor text for greater success.

I like to use tools such as ahrefs or moz.

By using these tools, you’ll be better equipped with the knowledge necessary to make educated decisions on how to use your anchor text.

It is also recommended to link to high-quality, relevant pages. Getting links from sites with high Domain Authority, Page Authority, and Trust Flow is also key.

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