How to Make your Website Appear on The First Page of Google

If you own a business, you are probably already investing into your SEO or actively looking for the right SEO agency to work on your SEO for you.

Many business owners sometimes want to do it themselves rather than spend on their digital marketing campaigns.

It’s not that SEO is rocket science and only a genius can learn it and keep up with the many updates that Google continues to dish out almost on a monthly basis.

Many business owners just do not have the time to learn it and especially test results (which would still require not only time to be invested but also money).

Outsource your SEO work to the experts with years in the field of SEO and Digital Marketing instead.

Keyword Research

The key to beginning your SEO campaign on the right foot is to begin by doing the proper keyword research utilizing the proper tools that will help you analyze and pick out the right keywords for your business.

A couple of keyword research tools that come to mind right away are the following:

Keysearch is a great tool that incorporates the use of Google Keyword Planner into their software enabling the user to find higher value keywords with more ease while at the same time evaluating the competition that there is on Google search in relation to those keywords.

After you have chosen your weapon of choice to execute your keywords research with, you begin with brainstorming what your business offers as a product or service and what your target market is looking for on Google when looking for what you have to offer.

After the brainstorming is done and you have an idea of what your target market is searching for on Google; you can then go on to insert the keywords that you have come up with into your keyword tool.

The tool should then return a greater number of keywords related to what your target market is searching for, allowing you to then expand on such keywords and dig even deeper into the world of keyword research.

This allows you to extract some very profitable keywords for your business which you can then target not only for your SEO endeavors but also for many other digital marketing services.

On-Page Optimization

Once your keyword research had been completed, you can then move onto the world of on-page optimization. The foundation for executing a proper SEO campaign.

Make sure that your website is properly integrated with Google Webmaster tools to start.

Write an article that is related to your target keyword along with a properly structured headline for the article with your target keyword included in it. We want to be sure to sprinkle the keyword throughout the article with related keywords as well to maximize results.

We don’t want to overdo this though, as overdoing it would lead to no results and a possible slap from Google for keyword spamming. Try to keep keyword density below 1%.

Adding the right images related to your keyword and article topic are also key in achieving the results that you are looking for in your SEO. Be sure to not only include alt tags but also give the image file a name related to your keyword or with your keyword included in it.

We suggest adding 3 images per every 1000 words.

Structuring Your Pages

Another key component of your SEO campaign will be to implement the proper structure for your site’s pages. You want to be sure to make your main keywords are the main pages of your site and your related keywords will be the inner pages of your site.

This will give your main content more authority and thus yield better rankings on the search engines as a result. These inner pages will be linking back to your main pages.

Off Page SEO

You cannot have a great SEO strategy without backlinks. This is one of the most important ingredients to any SEO campaign. Some would say the most important. In my opinion, in SEO; every facet of a campaign is of equal importance when the ultimate goal is to yield a great ROI.

Analyze your competition that is already ranking well for your target keywords in order to come up with the right strategy for your off page SEO.

By analyzing competitor backlinks with tools like ahrefs and moz, you get a glimpse into not only what the competition is doing but just how they were able to get to the first page as well.

The links that you will want to begin building are the following:

  • Social Media Brand Profiles
  • Social Signals
  • Press Releases
  • Local Business Citations
  • Infographics
  • Guest Posts

These are only a few of the backlinks that are recommended for any new SEO campaign. The more diverse, the merrier.

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Beginner’s Guide to Keyword Research

Keyword Research

This is one of those things that is overlooked by many business owners that don’t know where to start with their online endeavors.

Targeting profitable keywords that will yield a great ROI and search volume which result in click throughs to your site is really the beginning to making your campaign work wonders for your brand.

What I like to do is look at the search results themselves for keyword ideas as well as the auto suggest feature that google has on their search bar.

Let’s say that we are targeting the term “how to lose weight”:

google keywords

Here you can see that Google’s auto suggest feature gives us many related keywords which we can target as well.

When you actually run the search, you can also look at other related keywords shown below the search engine results.

There are also tools like Google’s own keyword planner which I also love to use on occasion.

Google’s keyword planner does however have some restrictions if you have not ran an actual Google ads campaign under your google account.

To get more refined results, you will need to run a Google ads campaign as suggested by Google within your Google ads account.

Otherwise I do suggest that you utilize a keyword tool such as this one in order to gain the results that will really benefit your keyword research efforts.

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